Once upon a time, in a valley known after a certain crystalline solid element where semi-autonomous driving electric cars seemingly ruled the streets and significantly overpriced rent weakened wallets both near and far, two renaissance men found themselves having an incredible conversation while at a very popular coffee shop. At one point, Benedict turned to Ashcon and said "Man, it would've been great if we had a microphone here to record all of this!" After a few minutes of deliberation, Casual FM was born. 

The name, driven by the “casual” nature of our conversations while also paying homage to FM radio where we’ve spent countless hours listening to shows, has given us the opportunity to create a platform where topics of interest are discussed amongst passionate people. Speaking of people, your co-hosts are Ashcon Nejad & Benedict Meneses. Ashcon works as a Technology Consultant born and raised in the Bay Area while Benedict is a Personal Trainer hailing from Los Angeles, now living in the Bay Area. 

With this platform, we aspire to entertain listeners while also making them feel as if they are right there in the studio with us.
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